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Beginner & Intermediate Lessons Offered April-October


Monthly Lessons 


includes tax

45 min. lesson per week


Individual or double lessons (Two students per time slot are offered each month)


Lessons offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings

Lessons Include:


-safety on/off the horse

-communication with the horse


-fun horseback games in "doubles classes"

-weekly homework (optional)

-western or english saddle options

-trail ride on farm property last lesson of every month


Monday/Wednesday Lessons-Brook Fleetwood

Tuesday/Thursday Lessons-Shawn Bryan

The APRIL 2024 lesson schedule will be posted soon!

Please Note:

The monthly lesson schedule will be posted and available for sign ups one month in advance.  If a day/time is full, it will not appear on the website.  Monthly sign ups are first come, first serve. Thank you!

Horseback Riding Lesson Guidelines

Please review the horseback riding guidelines to help make sure your time on the farm is safe and enjoyable.

  1. Lessons will be held in our outdoor arena located behind the big barn. 

  2. Riders must wear jeans or pants and boots (or close toed shoes) for lessons.

  3. If your lesson needs to be cancelled due to rain, mud, or severe weather, we will work with you to reschedule. We will communicate via TEXT if lessons are cancelled.  You will receive 1 make up lesson per month for a cancelled lesson you make due to sickness or schedule conflict.

  4. Please arrive a little early to make sure your child receives the full 45 minutes of instructional time. Your lesson will end at the designated time.

  5. Optional “homework sheets” are offered for lessons 1-12.  Candy is provided for student who return his/her homework.

  6. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the lessons or drop off/pick up.

  7. Bottled water will be available inside the barn in the fridge.  Feel free to help yourself.

  8. Siblings are welcome to play with the barn toys or join parents at the treehouse area to play while lessons are in progress.  These areas are UNSUPERVISED during lesson times so please stay with your children at all times to ensure their safety.  You accept all responsibility and risk associated with playing/exploring the farm as stated in the farm waiver.

  9. Please do not open any gates to the animal pens.  They love to explore new areas and can be very difficult to catch if they get out!  You are welcome to pet animals through the fence.

  10. We ask that you please respect the farm property and pick up any litter or clean up any messes. A trashcan is located in the barn (in the top of the cabinet by the west door.)

  11. This farm guideline and the farm waiver (online) must be read and signed by the parents at the beginning of the first lesson.  This will stay current for the remainder of the 2023 season.

  12. April-October lessons must be signed up monthly on our website.  You will choose your day/time each month.  Payment is due at the time of sign up.  First come, first serve for day/time.

  13. If you need to reschedule, please coordinate with your instructor via text: Monday/Wednesday-Brooke: 316-655-7401 or Tuesday/Thursday-Shawn: 316-807-7247

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