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  • Birthday parties are for a set number of people. Is this adults and kids?
    We have 3 party package options based on the number of guests (adults and kids) and the staff-lead activities we provide. This is to ensure a safe staff/kid ratio with all the animal interactions and activities we do. While parents are still encouraged to monitor their children, they are not trained to be around our animals and we therefore need to make sure our staff/kid ratio remains safe. Please understand our top priority is safety and to make sure we provide a supervised, entertaining party experience for your guests. If you need to accommodate more guests for your party, you might consider checking into our rental options. Rentals are not staff lead, but children's activities can be added on that are staff supervised. Thank you for your understanding.
  • What does the farm provide for parties/rentals?
    For birthday parties, MGF will supply ice water, cups, solid color tablecloths, a birthday banner and a colorful backdrop for opening gifts for your birthday party. Please note; we try to provide the themed birthday banner if possible. For rentals, we supply disposable tablecloths and have a variety of serving items available for your use such as beverage servers and cake stands.
  • Can I bring my own decorations?
    You are welcome to bring additional decorative items such a balloons and table decor. Please NO silly string, confetti or balloons that contain confetti as it's very difficult to sweep up off the barn floor. Any decorations hung on our walls must be hung with removable tape.
  • What food/drinks can I bring into the barn?
    You are welcome to bring any food and non-alcoholic beverages you wish. Please no glass bottles. Please see additional information under "alcohol/smoking" for questions about alcohol for adult parties.
  • What time can I arrive?
    You are welcome to come up to 45 minutes ahead of your party or rental time to get set up. We will be set up ourselves by that time. Please remember to take anything you bring with you after the party.
  • What about alcohol and smoking?
    We prefer the farm to be a non-smoking facility, but guests are allowed to smoke outside the barn and away from the celebration grounds near his/her vehicle; please take and dispose of used cigarettes off the premise. KS law allows guests, ages 21+ to bring alcoholic drinks into a venue as long as the alcohol stays "in his/her possession." This law applies ONLY to beer/seltzer/wine. NO hard liquor is allowed unless a licensed bar tender is hired to serve drinks.
  • What is the birthday party schedule?
    Our staff handles everything during the party so the parents can enjoy too! The party begins with animal interactions, pony obstacle course/horseback rides, then cake/cupcake time followed by tree house and mini horse cart rides, and we end with gifts. We can always adjust the party schedule if needed! Just ask!
  • What if I go over my party time?
    We give a 15 min. grace period once your party time ends for you to collect and load any items that belong to you. We clean up and sanitize right after your party to keep the barn as clean and fly free as possible. We will need to charge additional fees if you and/or your guests continue past the allotted grace period. Thank you for respecting our schedule.
  • Can we bring dogs?
    We're sorry, but outside dogs and animals are not allowed on the farm due to guest safety and liability issues. If a service dog is needed; please notify a staff member before unloading from the vehicle so we can secure our guard dogs. Thank you.
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