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Field Trips at Morning Grit Farm


A hands-on farm experience 

An ideal group size is 25-30 students but up to 75 students can be accommodated at once.

Field trips are offered April-October weekday mornings and afternoons. Educational visits are organized and lead by Kelsey, owner, and former elementary education teacher.   Please contact the farm directly for scheduling. 

$5 per student

Teachers & parent supervisors are free

Learn about life on a farm

Stations are set up around the farm and are either staff lead or teacher/parent lead depending on the size of your group.  Each station is geared towards a group of 5-6 students for optimal hands-on time.  Age of students are taken into consideration when planning stations.  30 minutes at the end are left for snack/lunch in the barn and/or free range play. 

Sample Itinerary

2 hour field trip 

5 stations; 15 minutes each 

First 15 minutes-all meet in barn for welcome/safety tips

Final 30 minutes-lunch/free range

*Denotes staff lead; all others are teacher/parent supervised


1. mini animal petting zoo and interactions 

2. *animal jobs; farm life

3. yard games, drink/bathroom break

4. treehouse play 

5. *garden/pollination

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